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The Leading Global Fintech Platform

Transferring money via our real-time digital cross border infrastructure

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Monthly Transaction
(as of July 2022)

300M+ USD

Banks + Ewallets


Cash Outlets


Mobile Operators


Seamless Group Inc.

Seamless Group Inc. pioneers a global fintech platform for e-wallets, financial institutions and merchants worldwide, delivering frictionless interoperable real-time fund transfers and instant messaging.

Our state-of-the-art digital ecosystem empowers billions of smart consumers and businesses to win in 150+ countries.

Who we are

Who we are
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The most cost-efficient cross border payment ecosystem powering top e-wallet operators, banks and remittance companies in countries throughput Asia & Europe.

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As a digital identity and payment tool for Indonesian people, we facilitate MSMEs in selling airtime and other digital products through mobile phones. Additionally, we encourage Indonesians to become independent entrepreneurs by partnering with us.

Vision and What We Stand For

Everyone in the world deserves a better life including the ability to access basic financial services.

Seamless Group Inc’s business ethos is dynamic. Our focus is foremost on serving people by giving financial services to those unbanked.

We make sure your needs are met so that our services remain relevant with a high degree of quality no matter where you may be.

With that in mind, we always invest in the best financial partnerships that spur growth, consistently upgrade our technical edge, form meaningful relationships that bring more to your table while optimising our entire value chain.

Seamless Group Inc goes beyond financial inclusion. We are here to elevate lives of billions starting with financial empowerment.

Our Vision
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Our Services

Seamless Group Inc makes available essential financial services for all consumers,

including the potential 2 billion unbanked population in the world.

Our functions and services are convenient, secure and government-approved across all countries that we are in.

Our Services
Featured News

Featured News

Meet The Team


Alex Kong

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Founder & Executive Chairman


Takis Wong

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Founder & COO


Dr.Ronnie Hui,JP

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CEO, Finance Director, CFA, MBA, MBBS, FHKAM (Paed)


Justin Lai

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Chief Technology Officer

Our Team
"Our continuous success and growth is the product of our highly dedicated, experienced and agile team with proven track record in execution and achievement of milestones!"

-- Alex Kong

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